The Scar Question

scarsScars. We all have them, and I think we are all trying to get rid of them. There are so many products on the market, that I am just overwhelmed. What do I get to treat my old scars from injuries?? I suppose some combination of the above products has to do something right?

What about those pesky acne scars? The above products seem hardly appropriate for acne scars on the face! There’s all manner of high priced exfoliants and creams for that, and I have even fewer thoughts as to what might work in that department…

So, dear readers, what works for you?? How have you treated your acne scars and scars from injuries? I’d love to know what was successful for you!

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22 responses to “The Scar Question

  1. I have a TON of acne scarring, and I`m a little afraid to use any of the above on my face! I’ve been trying to peel/exfoliate it away, and I think that’s been working well for me. I recently got an Institut Esthederm Oxy-Peeling facial and that has most dramatically reduced my scarring. I haven’t tried anything like microdermabrasion yet, but I’m told that’s the only way to really get rid of scars! For cooking scars and the like, I have a friend who swears by Bio-Oil, but I’ve never tried it.

    • oo fancy facial. that sounds nice. yeah I have had 2 bottles of bio oil but my bf used it on his eczema lol! I’ve only partly used it on different scars from random cuts and stuff, but not enough to really tell if it made any difference!

  2. Hey pretty lady! I had so many acne scars on my face, and I still do now, and the only long term treatment that worked was professional chemical peels. I’ve had six in my life! I’m going to try microdermabrasion this summer since I don’t have any large bumps anymore, and that it also supposed to help as well. For now, I use Retin-A Micro at night time, and also regularly exfoliate. I wouldnt’ try any of the above really, if you want them gone faster and safer, I’d talk to your dermatologist. I hope this helps!

    • Thanks for your suggestions! I think the ones in the photos could work for cuts and burns and stuff like that, but you’re probably right, the scars on face need more special treatment! :)

      • True! I would try some of those on the body, thicker skin anyway. Let us know if some of them work for body scars! I’ve got a ton from playing Ultimate, haha! :] Good luck with your acne scars! No fun.

  3. I actually am not too fussy about scars! I mean, I know if I start paying attention to mine I’ll probably want to do something about them, but so far I more or less let them be! I do use AHA on my face and that should help, but nothing more than that. If you find anything that works keep me posted!

  4. I’ve used concentrated vitamin E oil on a big scar on my thigh for eight months and it faded to nothing. It’s rather thick and sticky so some folks may not like that.

  5. You know… This is a sore subject. Acne scars, regular scars, stretch mark scars… I hate them all and I have them all. I’ve recently started using pure 100% jojoba oil and it’s actually working. It’s especially surprising for me to see a difference because, for some reason, my skin does not heal well at all. You can mix it with your lotion or use it on its own. Personally, I use it on its own in places I need it – it’s very rich so I can’t imagine adding lotion to it. Give it a shot – it’s pretty cheap on amazon.

  6. I have tons of acne scars and scars resulted from breakouts, little bumps, etc
    I use the microdermabrasion scrub from Kiehls to exfoliate regularly, followed by deep cleansing and deep hydration mask. I also use alpha h liquid gold – which has glycolic acid for cell turnover or peeling, it doesn’t exactly deal with scars but I think it helped to clarify and lighten the scars a bit! also it helps to prevent if not minimize future breakouts.

    I also have tried Kosmea rose Hip oil which says it can do basically everything lol! you may want to look it up (can also google trilogy rose hip oil).

    this topic is very interesting and I’m intrigued by the other options suggested by others in the comments!!!

    • I have the Kiehl’s microdermabrasion scrub too! It used to be my favorite! I have yet to find a physical exfoliant that has as fine of grains and is SO effective–it REALLY exfoliates thoroughly! For acne scars/discoloration on the face though, there is really nothing like good old Retin-A. I use it but like to switch off with all my other exfoliants since I have so many that I enjoy using.

      Ooh btw Joyce, have you worked out a skincare routine that works for you yet? I know that you mentioned before that you don’t really have one. Have you found some products that you like yet? And have you been washing your face every night you naughty girl?? LOL! :P

      • becca! hi! I have done better washing my face, lol! I still don’t have quite a routine like you do, but i do have products i like and at least occasionally use them lolol. For some reason, the idea of Retin-A scares me. I don’t know why! I’ll have to look into it for sure though. Is it prescription only still? That Kiehl’s scrub sounds good too. :)

      • ITA! the Kiehls scrub has the most finest and dense scrub particles I’ve come across so far, it really mimicks dermabrasion (I haven’t tried a real one so cannot compare) but it’s tons more effective than say Mac volcanic ash exfoliator, st Ives apricot scrub and all that. it’s a staple in my bathroom sink :)

    • rose hip oil sounds like a interesting treatment! I bet i would like that. I just whacked myself into a dresser and now have like a 2 in cut on my back… so i think i’ll be trying your suggestion and a few others on that! I’ve heard so many good things about alpha h liquid gold, i’ll have to put that on my list. The kiehl’s sounds interesting too! Thanks for all of your input and suggestions! :)

      • For some reason, my sister is really scared of retin-A too. I was actually just talking to her about it the other day. She’s in her 30s now and wants to start taking better care of her skin. I told her one of the best things she could do was use retin-A. She’s scared but really there’s nothing to be scared of. Just start with the lowest strength (0.025%) and work your way up, if you want. The only thing you have to do is pay attention when you use it–don’t just slather it on haphazardly.

        To start, I would use it 2-3 times a week to start (or even just once a week, if you have crazy sensitive skin). Apply a little less than a pea size for your face and neck and that’s it! If you are careful with the amount that you start off with, you shouldn’t have a problem. The worst that’ll happen is your skin might get a bit dry and flaky or a bit red. This is totally normal until your skin adjusts to it or you find the proper amount that works for you. It won’t like burn to death or melt your skin off or anything–lol! (that’s what my sister was scared of :P). And the results are so worth it!

        It is prescription only, though :/ But really, it’s the only 100% proven product that not only will fade scarring/discoloration but it also treats/prevents wrinkles. If you don’t want to get a prescription or are REALLY scared and want to start at the lowest possibly level, then you could try a OTC retinol product instead. Not as potent and is much more gentle, as a result. I know the drugstore brand ROC has some really good retinol products. Any of the other drugstore ones I’ve seen aren’t worth the money I don’t think–it contains too little to really do much of anything.

        Anyway, enough blathering on. I hope that was at least a little helpful :)

      • Thanks!! This is super helpful! I don’t know why i’ve always been fearful of retinols. I think I have some skincare samples of products with small bits of retinol in them. like dr brandt or something. i’ll have to check that out eventually. BUT I will totally look for the ROC stuff, and at the very least I can just apply to the areas with the acne scars to start with! YAY you are so helpful lol

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