An Everyday Look

The other day, I thought I’d make a video of a general everyday look. While I don’t manage to do all of this on a normal day, it is what I would do if I had enough time.

Take a peek at the video, and my beauty ramblings and all that. I’ll be traveling to California today for work (for 2.5 months!) so I may not be as chatty as usual until I get there and get situated!

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8 responses to “An Everyday Look

  1. Oh wow do you normally not curl your lashes? I feel like if I don’t curl my lashes, it doesn’t matter how much mascara I apply, it won’t be visible since my lashes are naturally so sparse and slightly downward-pointing (like so many asians’ lashes do :P).

    I really like Malibu–it’s so pretty for spring and very brightening. And I love Jouer, of course. BTW, where in Cali are you going to be?? (or I guess by now, you’re there!)

    • Only curl if I have time, or if I haven’t given up by then. You should totally try the diorshow maximizer, it really makes my lashes show and have some volume! And mine definitely point down but the primer makes them at least point out Lol. I love jouer too woohoo! I’m in the Bay Area! :) I think we talked about this last summer and you said you grew up in the area? :)

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